Box Freight Container Sales & Transport
Container Transfer to Another Semi
BoxFreight can help you transport and unload your shipping container!

Our side-loader / swing-lift technology allows us to load, transport and unload, 1 or 2 x 20ft shipping containers, or 1 x 40ft shipping containers, by semi-trailer, to wherever you want along the East Coast of Australia.

We are also able to load and unload other semi-trailers which can also transport containers.

Box Freight Container Sales & Transport
Side Loader in Action
Based near the border of Queensland and New South Wales at Murwillumbah, BoxFreight is easily able to move your containers anywhere in the Sunshine Coast / Brisbane / Gold Coast and other South East Queensland areas... as well as the Northern Rivers / Richmond / Tweed Valley regions in Northern NSW.

Whatever your needs... BoxFreight can advise you on the best way to transport your box!

Please contact Peter Spry to discuss your requirements!

Peter can also help you if you need to buy new or used shipping containers or just want to hire a container!